Drivers, these glasses can’t be placed in the car in the summer
Howtos · 2019-03-29
Drivers, these glasses can’t be placed in the car in the summer

In spring and summer, the temperature is increasing.  There are many safety hazards in the car that will affect our lives, such as the most indispensable frames and lenses for myopia.

Case 1: Resin lens

If the temperature rises, do not put the resin lens in the car if the vehicle is parked in the sun, because the high temperature will cause damage to the resin lens, such as deformation of the frame, lens release, and affect vision health. Experiments have shown that when the outdoor temperature reaches 32 ° C, the temperature inside the car may be above 50 ° C.

In this way, the lens placed on the car is extremely susceptible to damage. This also reminds everyone not to wear resin glasses to hot occasions, such as saunas. The structure of many resin lenses is composed of three layers, and the expansion ratio of each layer is different. If the temperature reaches 60 ° C, the lens will become blurred, such as a small grid of mesh.

Case 2: Sheet/Injection Frame

The sheet/resin frame is formed by heating and solidifying the liquid material. When placed in a high-temperature environment for a long time, the frame is softened and the frame is deformed.

The effect of frame deformation:

1. The optical center of the lens is offset, and the luminosity of the pupil of the eye cannot be changed, and dizziness and nausea occur.
2. The weight shift causes the bridge of the nose, and the imbalance of the ears is indented, and the nose is indented and the ears are indented;
3. Wear a deformed frame to destroy your personal image.

Case 3: Reading glasses (including glasses with convex lens principle)

The reading glasses belong to the convex lens and concentrate the light. If the light is focused for a long time, the focus temperature will be too high. In addition to speeding up the aging of the interior, the plastic plaque inside the car will be badly burnt, and even the vehicle will spontaneously ignite. The magnifying glass is also an item that is forbidden to be placed on the top of the center console of the sun. Because the principles of the magnifying glass and the reading glasses are similar, care should be taken to place such light-focused items when using the car.

Our plastic frames and resin lenses are products that are not resistant to high temperatures. In summer, the temperature inside the car is very high. The old drivers should especially care for your glasses and should not stay in the car.

Author: leoptique


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