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  • Jma****


    Color: Gold; Size: M

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these glasses. They look great and stylish wearing them

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  • La ****

    Digital screen protected

    Color: Pink; Size: M

    My eyes have been getting destroyed lately - looking at my phone, working on the computer and playing video games have taken a toll on my eyes. I buy a digital screen protected lenses glasses. it can protect my eyes.

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  • rox****


    Color: Pink; Size: M

    They looked really cute on so I’ll give a five stars for aesthetics and the quality/durability was good.

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  • Add****


    Color: Pink; Size: M

    They are cute, and I wear them everyday.

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  • car****


    Color: Pink; Size: M

    Really great pair of glasses, I wear them around a lot depending on my outfit and they certainly get compliments.

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