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  • Gladys Perdomo

    Q: i need help entering my Rx before ordering i sent you guys an email with my orginal script can you assist me in entering the correct figures im not sure if the values on my Rx history are correct ?

    A: My colleague has sent you an email regarding your inquiry. Please check your spam or junk mail folders.

  • Tracey Meeks

    Q: I ordered my glasses on the 9th of September and it's the 20th I still don't have them. When will they arrive?

    A: You can easily find out the status of your order with the email address used to place the order. Click the link and find out.

  • Angelia

    Q: Where are you shipping from? Thank you

    A: All our glasses are shipped out of China.

  • Jeana Baine

    Q: When will my glasses be delivered?

    A: To check the status of your order, you can: 1. Login your account on our website. 2. Use your email address on the order at 3. Send an email to, mentioning your order number or your email address used to place the order.

  • DEBBIE Mariacher

    Q: I would like to order 2 of the Frame # 92365 for the BOGO50 sale, yet I do not know how to enter the lens information. I want the glasses to be blue light blocking, and for the lens at the bottom half to be 1.75 readers, and then the lens at the top half be Zero/no magnification. How do I order the glasses this way?

    A: You are trying to order a pair of bifocal glasses. Under the image of the frames that you want to take, click on "Select Lenses", then choose bifocal lenses, and then fill out your prescription. If you need further assistance, please send an image of the prescription to Our customer service team will assist you.

  • Debb Boer

    Q: Is there a button or place to reorder a pair purchased this yr since they broke.

    A: The best way is to send an email to with your last order number or the email address you used to place that order and ask for assistance.

  • Kisha Marlow

    Q: I just want to order a pair of frames. I know which ones I want. How long would it take to get to my house in shelbyville, my. 40065?

    A: Frames only orders are shipped on the next business day. It will take about 7-10 days to deliver to your door front.

  • Marilyn Carbone

    Q: How do I return my glasses I got today they do not fit

    A: Please send an email to and request a return. Please mention your order number or the email address used to place the order.

  • María

    Q: Hello, do you ship to Chile? Thank you.

    A: Yes, we ship internationally.

  • elizabeth r baines

    Q: On my RX my SPH is Plano , how do I enter that? It does not give me an option

    A: Plano (PL): This indicates there is no spherical correction in this eye. Please put 0.