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  • Jaqueline

    Q: Where is my glasses I ordered them on 11-24

    A: It takes 1-8 business days to get your glasses produced and 7-15 business days to get them delivered. So the quickest turn-around time is 8 business days, and our average is around 20 days from placing the order to receiving the glasses. But it may take longer during the peak holiday shopping seasons.

  • Oliver

    Q: What are the numbers and circles on my progressive lenses?

    A: Those are progressive markings. The lens itself is a progressive lens (also known as a no-line bifocal) that should let the wearer see distance as well as their up-close reading without having to swap between a single distance pair and a reading pair. On each lens will be two of those circles (or other identifying mark depending on the manufacturer of the lens, but are always the same in each lens). The 100 (suppose you can see a number “100” on your lenses) is the reading power like what you would get from an over the counter generic reader from a drugstore. The markings themselves are for aligning exactly where the point in the lens is that starts changing from your distance Rx to your reading Rx, which is the same point that we use to check the Rx itself for quality control. The other circle will be closer to the nose of the lens, possibly partially cut off depending on measurements and whatnot, with another identifying mark where the 100 would be. If you look carefully enough you will also see the same markings in the other lens of your glasses. The marks are close enough to your eye they they wont impact your vision in any meaningful way, as they are out of your main vision corridor in the lens, so even if you manage to look directly through the marks while wearing them, the power you are looking through won't be very helpful anyway.

  • Teresa miller

    Q: How do I know what number to use for PD it isn’t on my prescription?

    A: If you have two PDs in your prescription, one is for distance use glasses, the other is for near use glasses. Only when you need multifocal glasses, you will need to use both PDs. On our web site, there is only one place to put PD, and when we fit multifocal glasses, we use industry norm to minus 2mm for near PD. But you can put a note to tell us if you have to have the near PD to be fitted at a certain value. Other cases when you have two PDs are when you have a dual PD, which means your two eyes will have different PDs from the center of a puple to the center of your bridge of the nose. On our web site, to enter dual PD, please choose Dual PD in the area of entering PD values.

  • Maribeth Bean

    Q: I just placed an order and put in the wrong prescription. Should be -350 for both, and I put -325

    A: We have sent you email confirming the revision of your prescription. For any questions related to your order, please contact our customer service team via

  • Melissa Janson

    Q: I am unable to log in, as it says I do not have an account with you. My credit card has been charged and the receipt from pay pal has some incorrect address. Please respond within 24 hours or I will cancel my order and begin a fraudulent investigation into your business.

    A: Please make sure you are using the email address that you used to place the order as your ID to log in. We are sending you another mail regarding your login ID. Please check the mail.

  • Leslie

    Q: I've been waiting for my order for a month the tracking info has never been updated. Could I get an update, please. Thanks.

    A: We have sent an email to you regarding the shipping status. To get a prompt response regarding your order, please contact our customer service team directly via

  • Gaylee Jimenez

    Q: I put the Rx in wrong right numbers just wrong boxes can I send them back and get the correct RX put in them?

    A: You are covered by our 30 Days Fit and Style Guaranty. We will issue a 100% store credit to your account on our site so that you can replace an order. Our Customer Service Team will contact you to follow up.

  • Knicoal Clowney

    Q: Hello, I’m trying to find a frame that has 56-18-140 dimensions?

    A: On page, use the "SIZE" filter to screen out the frames at the size you are looking for. Suggest that you /- 1mm when you set the value.

  • Roberta

    Q: Help I placed an order early this morning and put in the wrong prescription

    A: Please send your order number and correct prescription to customerservice<>.

  • Roman

    Q: Do you only offer solid tints, or do you also have gradient tints, as well?

    A: We offer both solid and gradient tints. You will choose the lens treatments while you are placing the order.