All About Asian Fit

Asian fit glasses or more properly described as Low Nose Bridge Fit Glasses is an opposite term of European and American Fit Glasses or High Nose Bridge Fit Glasses. In the European and American market, glasses frames are manufactured to fit the majority of the population. Europeans and Americans have generally larger facial movements than Asians. Particularly the eyebrow, nose and mouth regions show statistically significant larger excursions.

The glasses frames are different with regards to the nose pad and the pantoscopic angle - the angle of the frame front to the temple. The nose pad height of European and American fit glasses is no more than 9.5mm, while that of Asian version is above 11mm. The pantoscopic tilt of European and American fit glasses is 9 degrees, while that of Asian version is 5 degrees.

Choose the right version of glasses design is critical to the wearing comfort and refractive correction.

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