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How to upload prescription on leoptique

I have an eye prescription on the paper, How to upload the prescription on leoptique

Vintage Glasses Round

Development of round glasses

Drivers, these glasses can’t be placed in the car in the summer

Gradually into the spring and summer, the temperature gradually increased. There are many safety hazards in the car that will affect our lives, such as the most indispensable frames and lenses for myopia.

How to adjust eyeglass frame?

After carefully selecting the frame style and size that fits your face, you have saved Leoptique's bundled order glasses. Your glasses are now mailed. You put them on the mirror. It's ok. Sometimes you need to adjust new glasses. But you can do it yourself by following these easy-to-understand instructions.

Glasses Rhapsody

When you are no longer worried about wearing clothes, wearing shoes, carrying bags, it is time to think about this spring and summer needs to pick a pair of glasses, right? Today, Leoptique and you read the latest trend of glasses, one minute, let you indulge in choosing the one that suits you best, let us properly become the spring and summer fashion champion!

There are so many materials in the frame, which one do you choose?

As a part of the glasses, the frame not only plays the role of supporting the lens, but also is responsible for the face value of a pair of glasses. Choosing a comfortable frame that fits the skin is even more important for many people than choosing a lens. If the frame is not good, it will be easy to get dizzy when wearing it, and the eyes will be uncomfortable. So, do you know which materials are in the frame? What are the characteristics of these materials?

There are so many classifications of metal frames, how much do you know?

Metal frames have always been the favorite of many successful people, giving them a noble and elegant temperament. Generally, metal materials for spectacle frames include copper alloys, nickel alloys, and precious metals.