The Marks on Progressive Glasses (Lenses)

We may find marks on the progressive glasses purchased, and some even think that are the defects of the lenses. Theses marks appears as circles, letters, and numbers as shown in the picture below.

How to upload prescription on leoptique

I have an eye prescription on the paper, How to upload the prescription on leoptique

Drivers, these glasses can’t be placed in the car in the summer

Gradually into the spring and summer, the temperature gradually increased. There are many safety hazards in the car that will affect our lives, such as the most indispensable frames and lenses for myopia.

Whether the lens is spherical or aspheric?

For the glasses family, do you know the difference between spherical and aspherical lenses? Which lens should we choose when we are wearing glasses?

What color sunglasses are not suitable for driving?

Brown sunglasses The tinted sunglasses can also block 100% of the ultraviolet rays, and the soft tones make people feel more comfortable, so that the eyes are not easy to fatigue. However, because it overlaps with the window and the film, it is not suitable for driving, and the film has blocked ultraviolet rays, and then wears brown sunglasses, which is not very effective.