Glasses Rhapsody
Frames · 2019-03-27
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Glasses Rhapsody

When you are no longer worried about wearing clothes, wearing shoes, carrying bags, it is time to think about this spring and summer needs to pick a pair of glasses, right? Today, Leoptique and you read the latest trend of glasses, one minute, let you indulge in choosing the one that suits you best, let us properly become the spring and summer fashion champion!

Trend 1: Round lens with cat eye frame

In recent years, the hot round glasses are the first choice for retro style, and the advantage of this model is that although it is fashionable, it is not exaggerated to wear it, unlike some glasses with various jewels or exaggerated appearances, it can only be Posing at home to decorate. When the two circles "double swords combined", there is a pattern to the sky in an instant!


You can also say that the round lens is matched with the cat's ear, and the cat's ear is more loved, so those who wear such sunglasses will always be involuntarily making such innocent movements...

Who knows that this small trend has gradually become a strong trend, and many big names have similar sunglasses in the spring and summer 2016 conference. Even the famous Fendi has a lot of colors in one breath.

Trend 2: Bright frame

In spring and summer, when you feel the cool smell of spring and summer, it is more suitable to match the bright frame.


Whether it's sunglasses with mirrors, it's still a simple structural mirror, and many fashion stars are now wearing it~

Trend 3: Two-color frame

The concept of color matching has been on fire for several years now, and has recently extended to the field of glasses. Let's take a look at how the two-color frame that foreigners call "Two-Tone" is now hot.


Whether it is the upper and lower two-color is still the two colors are very special!

Trend 4: Thick border

Thick Frame has become synonymous with "cool" in recent years. Because this kind of frame is very "heavy", it does not require too much scale to play the role of "small face artifact".

Thick border

Any frame type can have a thick structure and is full of tidal feeling.

Little friends, is it now that you can't wait to prepare for your own spring and summer?



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