Eyeglasses VS Contact Lenses
Eyecare · 2018-04-24
Eyeglasses VS Contact Lenses

Eyeglasses Advantages

1. Wearing glasses make you beauty, because some glasses frames looks great for your face. Frames can be fashionable and speak your personality and style.

2. Waring glasses protect your eyes when the weather is bad. It can resist wind and sand.

3. Eyeglasses are cheaper than contact lenses, if you don't break your eyeglasses.

4. Eyeglasses will not touch your eyes, but contact lenes must touch your eyes. if you hava dry or sensitive eyes, Eyeglasses will be better than contact lenes for you.

5. Eyeglasses progress more functionality than contact lenes, like digital screen protection, light adjusting

Eyeglasses Disadvantages

1. The edges of your lenese will be thick, and the glasses will be a bit heavy on your nose, and looks not beautiful

2. Eyeglasses will be blurred by precipitation collecting on your lenses or fog up in cold weather

3. Your can not wear the eyeglasses when you swimming, You will can not find your friend in the natatorium

4. Some frames can pressure on your nose and behind your ears, make you feel headaches

5. Many people also fell difficulty focusing on objects and blurry vision after they firist wear eyeglasses or change the eye prescriptions.

CONTACT lenses  Advantages

1. Contact lenses won't match your clothes, you can not wear your red frame glasses when you wear a green jacket

2. You can wear contact lenses when you swimming

3. Contact lenses will not fog up in cold weather

4. You can wear a blue contact lenses, change your eyes color

5. Contacts provide a wider field of view and less vision distortions

Contact lenses disadvantages

1. Contacts reduct the oxygen reaching your eye. it can make you ill with your eye.

2. If your work at a computer or use phone often,  contact lenses contribute to symptoms

3. Contact lenses need clean each day, otherwise, you will be ill in your eye

4. It's expensive , beause you need change new contact lenses daily ,weekly or monthly.

5. You can not close the fire, it can make you blind if you are wearing contact lenses.


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