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How to clean the glasses

How to clean the glasses

Clean with water by yourself

The glasses lean on the nose, and the substances secreted by nose are greasy and acid, so you couldn’t wash them with clean water only.

Then how to clean?

For the oil spot and fingerprint sticking to the surface of coating layer, we need to use eyeglasses cleaner. You could also use liquid detergent, but do not use facial cleanser or hand-sanitizer, as some chemical composition included may have corrosive effect to the coating, which may cause the peeling of coating over time. 

1. Wet the glasses with water first, the running water would be better. 

Take the glasses in hand, tilt them under the tap and flush the lenses. The running water would wash way the dust and little grains of sand, the lenses could be easily scratched when dry rub them directly.

2. Apply the cleanser to the two lenses.

Squeeze a drop or two of cleaner to the lenses, and rub the two sides of lenses gently with index finger and thumb, until foams appear. Then clean the temple arms and frame in the same way, and in this way, you could wash the sweat and oil off the glasses.

3. Use the finger to wash the lenses and frame gently.

Put the glasses under tap to flush the foams, then hold the tissue between the index finger and thumb, and nip the lenses to wipe them in one direction, do not wipe back and forth. As there are many tiny dust particles in the lenses, if you wipe them back and forth, the lenses would be easily scratched up.

4. Use the running water to flush the foams.

Turn down the tap to be tiny spout, then hold the lenses to be nearly parallel to the spout, and flush the them in “scanning type”. And the lenses would be without drops of water and very clean.

5. Dry the lenses.

Do not wipe the lenses with glasses cloth when clean the glasses, you could air-dry them.
Put the lenses in Vertical (erect the lenses), and let the water flow from the two sides evenly, move the lenses slowly, make the lenses to be nearly parallel to the spout and flush them in “scanning type”. In this way, the lenses would be without drops of water and any fingerprint. So there would be no secondary pollution when drying, we only need to blot up the remaining water drops around the frame with tissue or glasses cloth.
Please note to blot the lenses up, not rub dry!

6. Check the glasses.

Take up the glasses and see if they have stains, if so, repeat the above process.

7. Clean the glasses in 2-3 days usually, and if you have much sweat and oil, you could clean them once a day.

Keep the glasses clean, and then you could protect the eyes more effectively.

8. And if you have special glasses cleanser, we still advise you to flush the glasses in tap after spraying.

You could take the glasses to optical shop to clean them with the ultrasonic, and it could remove the stains that couldn’t be flushed with running water. If you can, you could buy an ultrasonic cleaner, which is more convenient.

1.Please do not use clothes or dry cloths to wipe the lenses, which may scratch the lenses.
The towel and clothes can’t be used to wipe the lenses, which may scratch the lenses easily, please breathe on the lenses and wipe again.
2.Please do not use the spit to clean the glasses.
3.Please do not use the household glass cleaner to clean the glasses.
These cleaner have chemical components that could damage the lenses.
4.Please do not use dry paper to clean the glasses.
The dry tissue would also scratch the lenses, please breathe on the lenses and wipe again.
5.Please do not flush the glasses with hot water.
The hot water would cause distortion of the lenses.


There will be scratches on the lenses during longtime use, so please replace the glasses regularly. Normally, you could replace the glasses once a year to protect your eyes, or half a year if your condition allowed.


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