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  • Randi MALLIA

    Q: Do any of your glasses come with blue light blocking or does it have to be added to all

    A: Blue light blocking is a lens option that you can add to most of the lens usage.

  • Mary Robin

    Q: What is the warranty for scratch resistance?

    A: If the scratch is found within 30 days after you received the lenses, contact our customer service team first, then return the lenses for inspection. If our inspection shows the scratch is a manufacturing defect, we will replace it free of charge. Shipping is free both ways. If your lenses got scratched within 1-year warranty period, we will happily replace them for 50% off. Shipping is on you both ways.

  • Get

    Q: Are we able to choose blue light blocking with photochromic?

    A: The blue light blocking can be added to photochromic lenses.

  • Jeannie Rose

    Q: Are the lens no line bifocals

    A: By default, our bifocals are with a line. Please make a note otherwise.

  • Brittney

    Q: Can you check on my order status? LEO20052900123280 It also looks like the red frames in my order aren’t showing the lense anti reflective coating. I’d like that on those, as well. Thank you.

    A: Please check your email. We have sent an email to you regarding your question. You may also check your junk mailbox if you do not find it in your inbox.

  • Alyssa Carlson

    Q: Which lenses would work for my prescription? Advanced or premium? I prefer the lenses to not be thick. Thankyou!

    A: Simply enter your prescription and our system will recommend the best lenses for you.

  • Myles Ragsdale

    Q: Buying a sunglasses but i have to put the prescription. If i hit clear, would the sunglasses turn into a regular glasses? If I hit sun, i dont want to pay more since there are tint already in it?

    A: When you choose the frames, no matter they are presented with clear lens or sunglasses lens (tinted lens), you will need to choose "SUN" at the step of choosing lenses. The step of choosing lenses are right after you have entered your prescription.

  • Mary Scotten

    Q: How do I get polarized lens in my prescription

    A: When you select Distance and Non-prescription glasses, you will see the sunglasses option at your next step, where you can select polarized lenses.

  • Dalia Rios

    Q: Progressive bifocal Lens are with line or invible line.

    A: Our bifocal lenses are with a line. But if you would like to have lenses without a line, please leave a remark in your order and send a note to our customer service team. The email address is

  • Oliver

    Q: What are the numbers and circles on my progressive lenses?

    A: Those are progressive markings. The lens itself is a progressive lens (also known as a no-line bifocal) that should let the wearer see distance as well as their up-close reading without having to swap between a single distance pair and a reading pair. On each lens will be two of those circles (or other identifying mark depending on the manufacturer of the lens, but are always the same in each lens). The 100 (suppose you can see a number “100” on your lenses) is the reading power like what you would get from an over the counter generic reader from a drugstore. The markings themselves are for aligning exactly where the point in the lens is that starts changing from your distance Rx to your reading Rx, which is the same point that we use to check the Rx itself for quality control. The other circle will be closer to the nose of the lens, possibly partially cut off depending on measurements and whatnot, with another identifying mark where the 100 would be. If you look carefully enough you will also see the same markings in the other lens of your glasses. The marks are close enough to your eye they they wont impact your vision in any meaningful way, as they are out of your main vision corridor in the lens, so even if you manage to look directly through the marks while wearing them, the power you are looking through won't be very helpful anyway.