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  • Gladys Perdomo

    Q: i need help entering my Rx before ordering i sent you guys an email with my orginal script can you assist me in entering the correct figures im not sure if the values on my Rx history are correct ?

    A: My colleague has sent you an email regarding your inquiry. Please check your spam or junk mail folders.

  • elizabeth r baines

    Q: On my RX my SPH is Plano , how do I enter that? It does not give me an option

    A: Plano (PL): This indicates there is no spherical correction in this eye. Please put 0.

  • Tracey

    Q: I do not know what the PD is I do not see this on my prescriptions. please advise as want to order glasses.

    A: We may strongly suggest that you have your PD measured by your optometrist. But it is also practical to measure the PD by yourself or with help from others. Here is a blog on the how-to. You may also contact our Customer Service Team for help.

  • Danielle

    Q: Your site is not letting me put the right PD number in as mine is 30 and yours doesn't go under 46

    A: I guess your 30mm is part of a dual PD. Please choose Dual PD before you enter it. And you should have PD for right and left eye.

  • Tina Dougherty

    Q: I am about to place an order. My Rx does not have a single PD number. It has a distance PD number and a near PD number. How do I enter those to order my glasses?

    A: You only need to enter the distance PD. The near PD normally is calculated according to the industrial norm. But you can always put the near PD as a remark on your order.

  • Fatima

    Q: Hi I did a measurement of the Pd by myself what if the measurements was wrong is that going to affect the quality of my glasses. Because I try to measure the PD with an app and it give me a measurement different of the one that I did by myself?

    A: You should better get somebody else to help to measure the PD if you cannot get it from your optometrist.

  • Anne

    Q: I need a pair for intermediate and near bifocal. Can you adjust my prescription?

    A: We cannot adjust your prescription. You will need to contact your optometrist to do so.

  • Shiela

    Q: Hi, I have a prescription but I don’t know the PD. Would you please let me know if I can get prescription glasses if I show you my prescription paper?

    A: Your pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. This is needed to determine where to place the optical center on each lens, so you can see well with the glasses. We always recommend that you get your PD measured by your optometrist, but it is also practical to do it yourself. Here is a blog on how-to.

  • Cathleen Verburg

    Q: The sphere numbers on my prescription do not appear on the drop down menu. They seem extremely "custom". OD is -3.62 and OS is -3.87. I also have a 1.50 add on. Can I still order from you with such unique numbers?

    A: Please round up or off your last digit. Close to 5, use 5, or use 0,

  • Patti

    Q: What if you don’t know PD on cateye glasses?

    A: Pupillary distance is measured in millimeters from the center of one pupil to the center of another pupil. This measurement helps to ensure that your prescription is properly centered in the spectacle lens for the clearest and most accurate vision. As long as you can provide the PD, we will be able to fill your prescription.