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  • celina

    Q: I just need readers. When I select Reading glasses it asks for Pupillary Distance. How can I bypass this questions as I don't know.

    A: After you decide the frames, click "Select Lenses". On the next page, click "Single Vision-Reading", on the drop-down menu, select "MAGNIFICATION / STRENGTH". You will not be asked for a prescription, nor a PD.

  • Cortney Welch

    Q: It’s not letting me put my prescription in for the ( ) since on sphere... can you please help?

    A: If you are not able to enter your prescription, or you do not know how to enter the numbers, please choose to upload the prescription. We will follow up when we receive your order. Or send an image of your actual prescription to for assistance.

  • Fatima rbii

    Q: Hi I want to ask about the clip on. When I want to go to checkout they give me an option of clip o,is they clip on came with the same shape of the glasses that I choose or in the shape they give me on checkout

    A: The clip you see is what you are going to get. Make sure the clip is of the same shape as the frames you are going to buy.

  • Jamie Hubert

    Q: Hello, I just placed my first order. #LEO20070800061272 This is my first vision Rx ever. I can’t read the handwriting on my Rx at all, so I uploaded it but I have no idea what it says. Please let me know if something sounds weird or off about the way I entered it into the system. I’m super confused about all of the measurements and numbers. Thanks!!! I was told that my PD was 30 (Right) and 30.5 (Left) by the tech, for some reason the optometrist said it’s not part of her exam. I thought that was extremely strange. I normally have a head for sunglasses that runs on the larger size for females, not in an overweight way, but wider nose and cheek width, so this struck me as a strangely small measurement but I know nothing about any of this? Thank you for your help!

    A: Please check your email, including your junk mailbox.

  • Monique

    Q: Accidentally putting the wrong email address couldn’t change to tracking my orders please help

    A: Please send an email to for help.

  • Charmane West

    Q: How long doe it take to get prescription glasses filled

    A: Generally speaking, the production time is 2-8 business days, depending on how sophisticated the lense options are. For detailed production time of different kinds of lenses and options, check our FAQ on production.

  • Margaret Miano

    Q: I saw style YC-21009 on Instagram, and I would like to order it. I can't seem to find it on the website. Help?

    A: YC-21009 is temporarily out of stock. Please try other frames, there must be a style you like.

  • Delores

    Q: In my cart frame# LTO-6202 is that already tinted pink? So which do I selected?

    A: LTO-6202 is a pair of sunglasses. If you buy it as "Frame Only", you will get it with lenses tinted as in the picture. If you buy it as prescription sunglasses, you will need to select the lenses for sunglasses. After you enter your prescription, please choose SUN, instead of clear or other choices.

  • Auna

    Q: Where are you guys located at?

    A: We are based in Canada and China.

  • Laura Barron

    Q: Prescription contains 2 PD numbers but I was unable to select them. If I uploaded my prescription will it be done with the numbers provided?

    A: There are two options to enter your PD, you can choose either single PD or dual PD. If you have two PDs which are specified for distance and close use, you may leave a shopping note in the remark blank. It is always highly recommended that you submit an image copy of your prescription after you finish your order. Or simple send to and do not forget to include the order number.