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  • -Julián -Sandoval Ávila

    Q: Hi, can you send to México? Thanks

    A: We ship internationally.

  • Taleka Chandler

    Q: Hi, how many total days does it take for me to receive my order after it’s been dispatched? I do not see any tracking information yet and it has been 5 days. Can someone please help provide tracking?

    A: It will take 3-7 days to get your glasses made. The shipping will take 10-15 days for priority express. Please pay attention to the shipping notification emails sent to the email address on your order.

  • Gina casanova

    Q: Hello just inquiring about my order LEO20071700169684 it would load the tracking status, but it currently load everything as blank.

    A: Your order was placed on July 17, and we have produced your glasses and shipped on July 21. It is now in international transit, which we do not provide tracking. But in 5-7 days, you will receive an email with a tracking code for domestic delivery.

  • Samantha smith

    Q: Where is the tracking information? All I see is international transit that’s it I’d like to be able to track my order please

    A: Our shipping consists of two parts. The first part is international transit which we do not provide a tracking number, but we send shipping notice to our client. The second part is handled by the local postal service agency, and a tracking number is provided. The first part takes 5-7 days. So when you receive the shipping notice, you can expect a tracking number in about one week's time. It will be sent to you by the email address on your order.

  • Shawntae Dickson

    Q: I have been waiting for my glasses for awhile now wonder were they are!! It says they were shipped but there is no tracking number!

    A: We have sent the tracking code to the email address on your order. Please check, including the junk mailbox.

  • Pineapple

    Q: Will I get an email to letting me know when my order is shipped ? Or how can I check my order Statius ?

    A: You will receive an email alert when your order is shipped. You will then get a separate email containing your tracking code. Please be kindly advised that our email may be found in your junk mailbox. Alternatively, you can log in your account on our site to get updates of your order.

  • Ruth v

    Q: How long does it take for an order to reach me, if I’m located in nz?

    A: Our Expedited shipping takes about one week to deliver and free Standard Expres averagely takes about 20 days to deliver to NZ. Both shipping methods do not include production time.

  • Cassandra

    Q: Where is my order LEO20011900164171 ? I contacted you guys a week ago and still have no response.

    A: For shipping inquiries, please contact our customer service team via Please mention your order number when you send us an email.

  • Jaqueline

    Q: Where is my glasses I ordered them on 11-24

    A: It takes 1-8 business days to get your glasses produced and 7-15 business days to get them delivered. So the quickest turn-around time is 8 business days, and our average is around 20 days from placing the order to receiving the glasses. But it may take longer during the peak holiday shopping seasons.

  • Leslie

    Q: I've been waiting for my order for a month the tracking info has never been updated. Could I get an update, please. Thanks.

    A: We have sent an email to you regarding the shipping status. To get a prompt response regarding your order, please contact our customer service team directly via