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  • DEBBIE Mariacher

    Q: I would like to order 2 of the Frame # 92365 for the BOGO50 sale, yet I do not know how to enter the lens information. I want the glasses to be blue light blocking, and for the lens at the bottom half to be 1.75 readers, and then the lens at the top half be Zero/no magnification. How do I order the glasses this way?

    A: You are trying to order a pair of bifocal glasses. Under the image of the frames that you want to take, click on "Select Lenses", then choose bifocal lenses, and then fill out your prescription. If you need further assistance, please send an image of the prescription to Our customer service team will assist you.

  • Debb Boer

    Q: Is there a button or place to reorder a pair purchased this yr since they broke.

    A: The best way is to send an email to with your last order number or the email address you used to place that order and ask for assistance.

  • Kristie Gibson

    Q: Just wandering why I didn’t receive a confirmation of purchase . That should of happened immediately.

    A: Our order confirmation may be in your spam/junk mailbox. Please try to search "leoptique" in all your mailboxes. We highly recommend you contacting our customer service team to for information related to your order.

  • Tami

    Q: I put my info when I ordered and the next day uploaded my prescription... how do I know you received it???

    A: If you uploaded your prescription in the Account Center, and you can see it after you uploaded it, then we will be able to see it in your order. Our system does the sync. Well, it is always worth the efforts to send us an email to confirm the reception. Our Customer Service Team could be reached via

  • Lennette I Ruiz

    Q: How can I edit my order if its pending processing?

    A: Please contact our Customer Service Team via They will take care of your revision.

  • Melissa Janson

    Q: I am unable to log in, as it says I do not have an account with you. My credit card has been charged and the receipt from pay pal has some incorrect address. Please respond within 24 hours or I will cancel my order and begin a fraudulent investigation into your business.

    A: Please make sure you are using the email address that you used to place the order as your ID to log in. We are sending you another mail regarding your login ID. Please check the mail.

  • Melanie C

    Q: How can I change the shipping address?

    A: Please contact our customer service team at your earliest possible time to change your shipping address. Your order could be shipping after as soonest as one business day after we received your order. CST:

  • Lisa

    Q: Where do I find my favorites that I have tagged?

    A: If you are a registered user of, you can simply login and go to "My Account" to find all the frames that you have tagged "favourite". To get into your "My Account", click on the little figurine on the navigation bar. If you are new to, all the frames you tagged "favourite" will be found in your "My Account" after you finish registration providing that you are the only person of the computer and you do not clear your cookies before you register.

  • Jacqueline Roman

    Q: Hi I'm ready orden eye glasses yesterday but never give the order #,also ready pay too,thanks

    A: If you have registered, or you have entered your personal details and submitted, you will receive an email confirming your registration, your account name and password. Then you are able to log into "My Account". In "My Order" section, you will see all the orders, paid and unpaid. "My Account" is where you can maintain your personal information, your favourites, your prescriptions; manage your orders and track your deliveries,

  • anonymous

    Q: I want to return my glasses how do I do it?

    A: It happens sometimes that the items you ordered arrive a bit different from our expectation. But do not worry, we have 30 days fit and style guarantee. Please contact our customer service team to obtain an Return Authorization Email. Then send your glasses back to us and provide our Customer Service Team with the delivery confirmation number. Once we receive your delivery confirmation number, you will either receive a refund within 48 hours or be sent a replacement.