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  • Tiffani Carrillo

    Q: Do you all do a free in home trial

    A: We do not offer home trials at present. We have very good virtual online try-on. Upload your picture and get a preview of how the frames fit you.

  • Jennifer Dickson

    Q: How do I add my prescription?

    A: After you decided the frames you would like to buy, click "Select Lenses", then choose your usage of the glasses, you are now at the prescription page. You can either enter all the values into the prescription table, or you can choose to "Upload Rx".

  • Francine Rizza

    Q: Can I choose a frame and request a quote for multi focal prescription? Do you offer a choice of lens quality? Thanks in advance, Francine

    A: Yes, we can give you a quote on any frames you choose and the prescription you provide. But it is always easier if you can try to get the quote on our site. On every step, you will see the price changes until you get the final price. For lenses, we have only one series, but of best-in-class quality.

  • Brian Battle

    Q: Is it too late to cancel my order for 100% refund?

    A: You can revise or cancel your orders within 24 hours after you placed your order.


    Q: Can you tell me how to "TRY ON" a frame, I can't seem to do it.

    A: On PCs, under each frame, there are three buttons, "Try On", "Select Lenses", "Buy Frame". Click on "Try On", an over-the-page window will be popped up. This is not a pop-up window, and should not be blocked by any browsers. On the over-the-page window, you can upload your picture, then the use the selection grid to center your face in the selected part of your picture, and confirm. Then select your PD measurement, the frame will be on your "face". On a cellular phone, after you select a frame, scroll down to the details of the frame, and you will see the "Try On" button, and the rest is the same as on PCs.

  • Yvonne F Luppen

    Q: How do I make a purchase?I have frames selected but I can not find where to purchase.

    A: On PC, under each frame, there are 3 buttons. Try On, Add Lenses and Buy Frame. If you need only the frames, click Buy Frame. If you want a prescription glasses, click on Add Lenses. Or if you want to virtually try if the frame is good for you, click on Try On. On Mobile, there is the Try On button right underneath the frames, and the Select Lenses and the Buy Frame button is floating at the bottom of your screen. Sometimes may be overlaid by the promotion banner, but you can still find them.

  • Rebecca

    Q: How do I add my prescription. I sent see how to do or.

    A: You have two ways to add your prescription. You can enter your prescription into the table we provide on our website and submit. This table can be found after you select your frames, and decide the usage of your glasses, then you will be on a page to enter your prescription into a table. Or you can upload a picture of your prescription on the same page where you find the table. The downside of uploading the prescription is that it bypasses our pricing system, and we will need to contact you to double confirm your price after you place your order.

  • Delaila

    Q: Hello I wonder if they can go sunglasses too if I order glasses

    A: Theoretically, all the frames can be turned into sunglasses, but some frames may not look good. You can turn any glasses into a sunglasses by selecting different lens or lens coatings, either different color tint, or photochromic, or polarized lens. Follow our shopping steps, you will get the pair you expect.

  • Stephen

    Q: Hi I don't see an option to just order a pair of readers w/o a prescription

    A: Yes, there is. If you want to order a frame with non-prescription, you can click on "Add Lenses", then choose non-prescription. Although we do not provide "readers" or "for distance use" options under non-prescription.