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  • Jennifer Dickson

    Q: How do I add my prescription?

    A: After you decided the frames you would like to buy, click "Select Lenses", then choose your usage of the glasses, you are now at the prescription page. You can either enter all the values into the prescription table, or you can choose to "Upload Rx".

  • Michele

    Q: Hello. My first time visiting your site. I see you offer FREE glasses but then I choose from what you offer, choose lenses which I am not able to select the free ones, and therefor my order ends up being $16.95 anyway! So how is this FREE?

    A: Our free glasses promotion has conditions. Frames are limited to the ones listed on the promotion page, while the lenses are limited to light prescription with only SPH(-200 to 200), no CYL, no Prism, no ADD, etc. Please also be kindly reminded that the purpose of this promotion is to let you to have the chance to experience our product and service at lowest possible cost.

  • Bobbi

    Q: Do you do bifocals? I have bifocals so will need them. And are they extra??

    A: Yes, we do bifocals. For the price, it is better for you to enter your prescription and choose your lens usage and options to get a better price indication.

  • Francine Rizza

    Q: Can I choose a frame and request a quote for multi focal prescription? Do you offer a choice of lens quality? Thanks in advance, Francine

    A: Yes, we can give you a quote on any frames you choose and the prescription you provide. But it is always easier if you can try to get the quote on our site. On every step, you will see the price changes until you get the final price. For lenses, we have only one series, but of best-in-class quality.

  • Deborah Boyd

    Q: Do you make an extra thin lens

    A: Yes, we provide high index lenses. Please check it out:

  • Deborah Freeman

    Q: Will glasses have tint and will they darken in sunlight?. I need line bifocals because I can't wear progressive lenses

    A: We provide light-adjusting lenses. Please check it out:

  • Janell T Romero

    Q: How to get my tracking number forFedEx. . I tried the order ID & that's not it .

    A: We will send you an email with the tracking number when we dispatch your order. Please pay attention to our emails, sometimes may be in your junk mailbox. Or you can log in your account on our site, check your order status and tracking number.

  • Brian Battle

    Q: Is it too late to cancel my order for 100% refund?

    A: You can revise or cancel your orders within 24 hours after you placed your order.

  • James Sherman

    Q: Do you lenses that have SPH of - 9.25. Cylinder - 2. Progressive. Add 2.5

    A: Yes, we produce lenses you are looking for.


    Q: Can you tell me how to "TRY ON" a frame, I can't seem to do it.

    A: On PCs, under each frame, there are three buttons, "Try On", "Select Lenses", "Buy Frame". Click on "Try On", an over-the-page window will be popped up. This is not a pop-up window, and should not be blocked by any browsers. On the over-the-page window, you can upload your picture, then the use the selection grid to center your face in the selected part of your picture, and confirm. Then select your PD measurement, the frame will be on your "face". On a cellular phone, after you select a frame, scroll down to the details of the frame, and you will see the "Try On" button, and the rest is the same as on PCs.