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  • Cassie

    Q: Pd on Prescription is 33.5 there is no number in your form for the 33.5 pd

    A: PD 33.5 is for one eye of a dual PD. A dual PD is the measurement of the center of each pupil to the center of the bridge of your nose. When you enter PD on our website, please tick off "Dual PD", then you can enter PD for each eye.

  • Chrissette

    Q: I notice on my original percriptio. The axis reads 165 on your perscription ot say 175. Will this alter the percription of my glasses?

    A: Please check your email box for our emails sent to you a few days ago. We have questions on your lens selections. Our emails may also be in your junk mailbox.

  • Jeannie Rose

    Q: Are the lens no line bifocals

    A: By default, our bifocals are with a line. Please make a note otherwise.

  • Elena Goff

    Q: Could you make glasses for me if I will send my own frame. Thanks Elena

    A: Sorry, we do not fit lenses in frames provided by customers.

  • Brittney

    Q: Can you check on my order status? LEO20052900123280 It also looks like the red frames in my order aren’t showing the lense anti reflective coating. I’d like that on those, as well. Thank you.

    A: Please check your email. We have sent an email to you regarding your question. You may also check your junk mailbox if you do not find it in your inbox.

  • Margaret Miano

    Q: I saw style YC-21009 on Instagram, and I would like to order it. I can't seem to find it on the website. Help?

    A: YC-21009 is temporarily out of stock. Please try other frames, there must be a style you like.

  • Darlene Warner

    Q: My eye dr will not give me the pd#. What can I do so I can get new glasses with you? Thank you Darlene

    A: Although we prefer to have a PD measured by the eye doctor or an optician, yet sometime you have to help yourselves. To measure your PD by yourselves is practicable. There are a lot of tips in the space that you can search for. Here is one of them on our site, use it as a reference.

  • Rachele

    Q: I was trying to use the promo code “JUN25” but it said it could not be applied towards the items in my order. However the promo says it can be applied site wide

    A: Thank you for shopping with us. 25% discount is applied site wide, except some products which have already been specially discounted, such as $4.95 frames. In other words specially priced products cannot apply this promo code. Advertisement cannot accommodate such a long copy, and we are sorry for the confusion. If this explanation is still not clear, please contact our customer service team by

  • Pineapple

    Q: Will I get an email to letting me know when my order is shipped ? Or how can I check my order Statius ?

    A: You will receive an email alert when your order is shipped. You will then get a separate email containing your tracking code. Please be kindly advised that our email may be found in your junk mailbox. Alternatively, you can log in your account on our site to get updates of your order.

  • Kristie Gibson

    Q: Just wandering why I didn’t receive a confirmation of purchase . That should of happened immediately.

    A: Our order confirmation may be in your spam/junk mailbox. Please try to search "leoptique" in all your mailboxes. We highly recommend you contacting our customer service team to for information related to your order.