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  • Shiela

    Q: Hi, I have a prescription but I don’t know the PD. Would you please let me know if I can get prescription glasses if I show you my prescription paper?

    A: Your pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. This is needed to determine where to place the optical center on each lens, so you can see well with the glasses. We always recommend that you get your PD measured by your optometrist, but it is also practical to do it yourself. Here is a blog on how-to.

  • Jamie Hubert

    Q: Hello, I just placed my first order. #LEO20070800061272 This is my first vision Rx ever. I can’t read the handwriting on my Rx at all, so I uploaded it but I have no idea what it says. Please let me know if something sounds weird or off about the way I entered it into the system. I’m super confused about all of the measurements and numbers. Thanks!!! I was told that my PD was 30 (Right) and 30.5 (Left) by the tech, for some reason the optometrist said it’s not part of her exam. I thought that was extremely strange. I normally have a head for sunglasses that runs on the larger size for females, not in an overweight way, but wider nose and cheek width, so this struck me as a strangely small measurement but I know nothing about any of this? Thank you for your help!

    A: Please check your email, including your junk mailbox.

  • Cathleen Verburg

    Q: The sphere numbers on my prescription do not appear on the drop down menu. They seem extremely "custom". OD is -3.62 and OS is -3.87. I also have a 1.50 add on. Can I still order from you with such unique numbers?

    A: Please round up or off your last digit. Close to 5, use 5, or use 0,

  • Monique

    Q: Accidentally putting the wrong email address couldn’t change to tracking my orders please help

    A: Please send an email to for help.

  • Patti

    Q: What if you don’t know PD on cateye glasses?

    A: Pupillary distance is measured in millimeters from the center of one pupil to the center of another pupil. This measurement helps to ensure that your prescription is properly centered in the spectacle lens for the clearest and most accurate vision. As long as you can provide the PD, we will be able to fill your prescription.

  • Samantha smith

    Q: Where is the tracking information? All I see is international transit that’s it I’d like to be able to track my order please

    A: Our shipping consists of two parts. The first part is international transit which we do not provide a tracking number, but we send shipping notice to our client. The second part is handled by the local postal service agency, and a tracking number is provided. The first part takes 5-7 days. So when you receive the shipping notice, you can expect a tracking number in about one week's time. It will be sent to you by the email address on your order.

  • Shawntae Dickson

    Q: I have been waiting for my glasses for awhile now wonder were they are!! It says they were shipped but there is no tracking number!

    A: We have sent the tracking code to the email address on your order. Please check, including the junk mailbox.

  • Claudia

    Q: My bank charged me twice but I only see one order here. Is there anyway I can cancel one if it did go through twice?

    A: We received two payments, and we refunded the first one. For details, please check your email. Our mail may be in your junk mailbox.

  • Charmane West

    Q: How long doe it take to get prescription glasses filled

    A: Generally speaking, the production time is 2-8 business days, depending on how sophisticated the lense options are. For detailed production time of different kinds of lenses and options, check our FAQ on production.

  • Jennifer

    Q: With the Bogota sale the discount is frames only correct? Lenses are not included?

    A: Our BOGO deal applies only to the frames listed on that page, but it applies to both frames and lenses on one order with two pairs.