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For questions related to your order, please contact our customer service team directly via

  • Melissa Janson

    Q: I am unable to log in, as it says I do not have an account with you. My credit card has been charged and the receipt from pay pal has some incorrect address. Please respond within 24 hours or I will cancel my order and begin a fraudulent investigation into your business.

    A: Please make sure you are using the email address that you used to place the order as your ID to log in. We are sending you another mail regarding your login ID. Please check the mail.

  • Leslie

    Q: I've been waiting for my order for a month the tracking info has never been updated. Could I get an update, please. Thanks.

    A: We have sent an email to you regarding the shipping status. To get a prompt response regarding your order, please contact our customer service team directly via

  • Gaylee Jimenez

    Q: I put the Rx in wrong right numbers just wrong boxes can I send them back and get the correct RX put in them?

    A: You are covered by our 30 Days Fit and Style Guaranty. We will issue a 100% store credit to your account on our site so that you can replace an order. Our Customer Service Team will contact you to follow up.

  • Knicoal Clowney

    Q: Hello, I’m trying to find a frame that has 56-18-140 dimensions?

    A: On page, use the "SIZE" filter to screen out the frames at the size you are looking for. Suggest that you /- 1mm when you set the value.

  • Jasmyne

    Q: What if the glasses I ordered were not the right color I chose?

    A: You are fully covered by our return policy. Please check it on our website.

  • Roberta

    Q: Help I placed an order early this morning and put in the wrong prescription

    A: Please send your order number and correct prescription to customerservice<>.

  • Roman

    Q: Do you only offer solid tints, or do you also have gradient tints, as well?

    A: We offer both solid and gradient tints. You will choose the lens treatments while you are placing the order.

  • Jody

    Q: My prescription doesn't have the pupil distance on it. What should I do?

    A: Your pupillary distance (PD) is the measurement of the distance between your pupils. This is needed for the manufacturer of the eyeglasses to know where to place the optical center on each lens, so you can see well with the glasses. While we highly suggest that you have your PD measured by a professional, yet is it also practicable to measure it by yourself. Please refer to this blog for more details.

  • Laura Barron

    Q: Prescription contains 2 PD numbers but I was unable to select them. If I uploaded my prescription will it be done with the numbers provided?

    A: There are two options to enter your PD, you can choose either single PD or dual PD. If you have two PDs which are specified for distance and close use, you may leave a shopping note in the remark blank. It is always highly recommended that you submit an image copy of your prescription after you finish your order. Or simple send to and do not forget to include the order number.

  • Tiffani Carrillo

    Q: Do you all do a free in home trial

    A: We do not offer home trials at present. We have very good virtual online try-on. Upload your picture and get a preview of how the frames fit you.