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  • Patricia Taylor

    Q: If I order from you, is it possible to have them delivered to my work address instead of my home address?

    A: We deliver to the office address. But we do not deliver to the PO Boxes

  • Yvonne F Luppen

    Q: How do I make a purchase?I have frames selected but I can not find where to purchase.

    A: On PC, under each frame, there are 3 buttons. Try On, Add Lenses and Buy Frame. If you need only the frames, click Buy Frame. If you want a prescription glasses, click on Add Lenses. Or if you want to virtually try if the frame is good for you, click on Try On. On Mobile, there is the Try On button right underneath the frames, and the Select Lenses and the Buy Frame button is floating at the bottom of your screen. Sometimes may be overlaid by the promotion banner, but you can still find them.

  • Salina

    Q: Can I use a electric check instad of my cards

    A: If you mean echeck via PayPal, we accept. We will start to produce your glasses when we receive your echeck, but will hold the shipment until your echeck has cleared.

  • Rebecca

    Q: How do I add my prescription. I sent see how to do or.

    A: You have two ways to add your prescription. You can enter your prescription into the table we provide on our website and submit. This table can be found after you select your frames, and decide the usage of your glasses, then you will be on a page to enter your prescription into a table. Or you can upload a picture of your prescription on the same page where you find the table. The downside of uploading the prescription is that it bypasses our pricing system, and we will need to contact you to double confirm your price after you place your order.

  • SweetOneLeaf

    Q: I really like your frames. Do you have bifocal lenses? My husband & I are both looking.

    A: Yes, we provide bifocal lenses. After you select the frames, click on ADD LENSES, you will be at a page where you are going to choose the usage of your glasses. Choose Multifocal, then bifocal. You won't miss it.

  • Jonathan Murillo

    Q: On my Rx for both my eyes, it states my Dist PD is 30.75. Even selecting dual PD, there is not a 30.75 option. Help!

    A: The pupillary distance measurement does not have to be 100% precise to be useful, as it can tolerate a fairly small error range.  For basic simple spectacle lenses, an accuracy of the nearest millimeter is normal. On our website, we take PD by every half millimeter, so you can choose either 30.50 or 31.

  • Stacey Thompson

    Q: I don’t have a PD on my prescription how do I get the PD?

    A: We may suggest that you have your PD measured by an eye doctor. But it is also practical to measure it by yourself. Here is an article on how to.

  • Lyma

    Q: Can I try the glasses on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on on ? thank you you you

    A: Yes, you can. Underneath each frame, there are three buttons. They are "Try-on", "Select Lenses" and "Buy Frame". Enjoy your try-on.

  • Dominic

    Q: Hi i am looking for a set of lens that would fit Versace VE2021 1001/11

    A: Sorry, we are unable to sell lenses independent of their frame.

  • Brooke

    Q: I live in Australia, how long does it usually take to receive and order from your business in Canada?

    A: Our products are shipped directly from the manufacturing origin. It will take 14-20 days via Standard Express and 3-7 days via Expedited Shipping.