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  • Alyssa Carlson

    Q: Which lenses would work for my prescription? Advanced or premium? I prefer the lenses to not be thick. Thankyou!

    A: Simply enter your prescription and our system will recommend the best lenses for you.

  • Undra

    Q: Hello my prescription does not have a distance pd. But the top of my prescription says distance single vision. I know I can not see far away am I putting in the information correctly.

    A: For single vision glasses, only one PD is needed, either distance PD or near PD. For multifocal glasses, both distance PD and near PD are preferred. But if you have only distance PD, the near PD will be calculated by minus 2mm of the distance PD, as an industrial practice.

  • Delores

    Q: In my cart frame# LTO-6202 is that already tinted pink? So which do I selected?

    A: LTO-6202 is a pair of sunglasses. If you buy it as "Frame Only", you will get it with lenses tinted as in the picture. If you buy it as prescription sunglasses, you will need to select the lenses for sunglasses. After you enter your prescription, please choose SUN, instead of clear or other choices.

  • Delores

    Q: I need to know on frame # LTO-6202 size large or medium available?

    A: LTO-6202 has only one size. It's size is 52-17-140 XL.

  • Sarah gibson

    Q: 2nd request. When entering my prescription the section that asks for ADD . My prescription is written 2.55. That is not an option I. The drop down box. Either says 2.50 or 2.75. Some confusion as which number to enter

    A: Please choose the closest available option. To be safe, you could also consult your optometrist.

  • JAnice pinch

    Q: LEO20051700061173 order number I just ordered a pair of glasses and I believe I filled in the prescription wrong, I put a - on the OD not a . Can that be corrected ? I did upload an actual prescription

    A: If you made a mistake or you want to make sure we have the most updated prescription, please send your prescription to our customer service team by

  • SarAh gibson

    Q: Thought I was entering my prescription like a pro until I came across the part that says ADD my prescription reads 2.55. That was not an option I believe my only option was 2.50 or 2.75. Which number would I enter? Ty

    A: The values on a prescription increases or decrease by 0.25. You'd better check with your optometrist for the correct value.

  • Eve

    Q: I dont have add on my prescription and it wont let me order without it ?

    A: You need ADD for progressive glasses. Please contact your optometrist to determine the usage of your glasses first

  • Jasjot

    Q: I want to get a pair of glasses , only i knw is no. -2.75 for both eyes

    A: You will also need to have PD to complete your prescription on your order. We will always emphasize the importance to have an actual prescription issued by your optometrist while you are placing an order on our website. And we are encouraging you to upload a copy of your prescription to your order.

  • Auna

    Q: Where are you guys located at?

    A: We are based in Canada and China.