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  • Julie

    Q: Do you have frames with magnetic sunglasses?

    A: Please check out these frames:

  • Myles Ragsdale

    Q: Buying a sunglasses but i have to put the prescription. If i hit clear, would the sunglasses turn into a regular glasses? If I hit sun, i dont want to pay more since there are tint already in it?

    A: When you choose the frames, no matter they are presented with clear lens or sunglasses lens (tinted lens), you will need to choose "SUN" at the step of choosing lenses. The step of choosing lenses are right after you have entered your prescription.

  • Darlene Dominguez

    Q: I was wondering if I could change the glasses that I chose

    A: If you need to change your glasses after you placed an order, please contact our Customer Service Team at

  • Mary Scotten

    Q: How do I get polarized lens in my prescription

    A: When you select Distance and Non-prescription glasses, you will see the sunglasses option at your next step, where you can select polarized lenses.

  • Ruth v

    Q: How long does it take for an order to reach me, if I’m located in nz?

    A: Our Expedited shipping takes about one week to deliver and free Standard Expres averagely takes about 20 days to deliver to NZ. Both shipping methods do not include production time.

  • Dalia Rios

    Q: Progressive bifocal Lens are with line or invible line.

    A: Our bifocal lenses are with a line. But if you would like to have lenses without a line, please leave a remark in your order and send a note to our customer service team. The email address is

  • Tami

    Q: I put my info when I ordered and the next day uploaded my prescription... how do I know you received it???

    A: If you uploaded your prescription in the Account Center, and you can see it after you uploaded it, then we will be able to see it in your order. Our system does the sync. Well, it is always worth the efforts to send us an email to confirm the reception. Our Customer Service Team could be reached via

  • Kristy

    Q: Where are you located in the U.SAID. or somewhere else?

    A: We are located in both China and Canada. And shipping to all over the world.

  • Maureen

    Q: Hi wanting to order of you but not sure how pd works

    A: PD is the pupillary distance which is recommended to be measured by an optometrist. But it is also practical to measure it by yourself or with other people's help. Here is a blog on how-to.

  • Lennette I Ruiz

    Q: How can I edit my order if its pending processing?

    A: Please contact our Customer Service Team via They will take care of your revision.