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  • Tracey

    Q: I do not know what the PD is I do not see this on my prescriptions. please advise as want to order glasses.

    A: We may strongly suggest that you have your PD measured by your optometrist. But it is also practical to measure the PD by yourself or with help from others. Here is a blog on the how-to. You may also contact our Customer Service Team for help.

  • Tina cote

    Q: what is your return policy if you have one?

    A: Please check out our FAQ on return.

  • Jeamae valles

    Q: I’m not sure which size of frame to order ? Medium or large ? Where do I measure ?

    A: Please refer to this blog on how to find the best-fit frames.

  • celina

    Q: I just need readers. When I select Reading glasses it asks for Pupillary Distance. How can I bypass this questions as I don't know.

    A: After you decide the frames, click "Select Lenses". On the next page, click "Single Vision-Reading", on the drop-down menu, select "MAGNIFICATION / STRENGTH". You will not be asked for a prescription, nor a PD.

  • Cortney Welch

    Q: It’s not letting me put my prescription in for the ( ) since on sphere... can you please help?

    A: If you are not able to enter your prescription, or you do not know how to enter the numbers, please choose to upload the prescription. We will follow up when we receive your order. Or send an image of your actual prescription to for assistance.

  • Tara Donahue

    Q: Hi - are you able to use your insurance coverage through your site?

    A: We do not accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service team.

  • Randi MALLIA

    Q: Do any of your glasses come with blue light blocking or does it have to be added to all

    A: Blue light blocking is a lens option that you can add to most of the lens usage.

  • -Julián -Sandoval Ávila

    Q: Hi, can you send to México? Thanks

    A: We ship internationally.

  • Mary Robin

    Q: What is the warranty for scratch resistance?

    A: If the scratch is found within 30 days after you received the lenses, contact our customer service team first, then return the lenses for inspection. If our inspection shows the scratch is a manufacturing defect, we will replace it free of charge. Shipping is free both ways. If your lenses got scratched within 1-year warranty period, we will happily replace them for 50% off. Shipping is on you both ways.

  • Get

    Q: Are we able to choose blue light blocking with photochromic?

    A: The blue light blocking can be added to photochromic lenses.