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  • Danielle

    Q: Your site is not letting me put the right PD number in as mine is 30 and yours doesn't go under 46

    A: I guess your 30mm is part of a dual PD. Please choose Dual PD before you enter it. And you should have PD for right and left eye.

  • Tina Dougherty

    Q: I am about to place an order. My Rx does not have a single PD number. It has a distance PD number and a near PD number. How do I enter those to order my glasses?

    A: You only need to enter the distance PD. The near PD normally is calculated according to the industrial norm. But you can always put the near PD as a remark on your order.

  • Beth

    Q: What if the glasses are too big? Can I have them resized

    A: Most of the frames on our site are in only one size, L, M or S. It is not possible to resize any frames. Always check the size of the frames before you click to buy.

  • Danielle Dufault

    Q: Hi! I am about to place an order with many glasses, and I want tot use the AUG25 discount. It's supposed to be 25% off the TOTAL cost, but I am not getting 25% off! Why? Can you help me?

    A: Some of our discounted and new-arrived frames cannot apply any discount codes.

  • Fatima

    Q: Hi I did a measurement of the Pd by myself what if the measurements was wrong is that going to affect the quality of my glasses. Because I try to measure the PD with an app and it give me a measurement different of the one that I did by myself?

    A: You should better get somebody else to help to measure the PD if you cannot get it from your optometrist.

  • Fatima rbii

    Q: Hi I want to ask about the clip on. When I want to go to checkout they give me an option of clip o,is they clip on came with the same shape of the glasses that I choose or in the shape they give me on checkout

    A: The clip you see is what you are going to get. Make sure the clip is of the same shape as the frames you are going to buy.

  • Taleka Chandler

    Q: Hi, how many total days does it take for me to receive my order after it’s been dispatched? I do not see any tracking information yet and it has been 5 days. Can someone please help provide tracking?

    A: It will take 3-7 days to get your glasses made. The shipping will take 10-15 days for priority express. Please pay attention to the shipping notification emails sent to the email address on your order.

  • Anne

    Q: I need a pair for intermediate and near bifocal. Can you adjust my prescription?

    A: We cannot adjust your prescription. You will need to contact your optometrist to do so.

  • Gina casanova

    Q: Hello just inquiring about my order LEO20071700169684 it would load the tracking status, but it currently load everything as blank.

    A: Your order was placed on July 17, and we have produced your glasses and shipped on July 21. It is now in international transit, which we do not provide tracking. But in 5-7 days, you will receive an email with a tracking code for domestic delivery.

  • Lashandra

    Q: Do you take insurance. I have eyemed with Aetna.

    A: We do not accept insurance. However, some insurance companies will accept an invoice copy for reimbursement. Check with your insurance company, and if they do, you can request an emailed invoice copy from our Customer Service team.